Do you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back? For many people who have recently broken up with their ex girlfriend, their life might seem reasonably bleak. Guys always look strong and sturdy on the surface but they also can break down when the woman they love the most decided to leave them. They get confused of not knowing what they should do to get an ex girlfriend back. They make a fool of themselves getting drunk and wailing at the pub, showing their neediness by making phone calls to their ex girlfriend begging and crying. All these will not help you to get an ex girlfriend back.

how to get your ex girlfriend back

Learning how to get your ex girlfriend back is nothing something they teach us in school. Most of the time we start out learning about relationships on our own, but no one tells us how to properly handle a break up. In this article we offer a few tips that you may find useful on how to get your ex girlfriend back:

  • If you want to get your girl back you should also understand that it’s not going to happen overnight so give your relationship some time. You may be thinking about how to get your ex girlfriend back every second of the day, but you shouldn’t show them that by being needy and desperate to get her back.
  • Make sure you know why you broke up. If you don’t know what caused this disaster, chances are, you will allow it to happen again. If you find that you are not sure what happened that cuased you to break up, take the time to think about what happened and how you can make it better. This provides you with good ammunition when it comes to stating your case about why you should be together again, and you’ll find that it will show that you have given the matter serious thought, and not that you are just reaching back to her instinctively.
  • Be yourself. Think back to the days when you first met your ex girlfriend. Write down a short list of the things which initially attracted your girlfriend to you. I am willing to bet the list is pretty long, you were unique and there was good reason your ex girlfriend fell for you. You need to get back to the ‘old you’. Subconsciously your ex girlfriend will be reminded of when you first met, and it will remove the obstacles which are currently keeping you apart.
  • Have a life. When a girl breaks up with you, the initial feeling for many is to avoid social interaction – to become a hermit. This will not help. You need to be strong and call up old friends. Now you have more time on your hands take up that hobby you let slide when your relationship got serious. Go out and meet new people. When your ex girlfriend gets wind of this (and trust me she will) she is going to get very curious indeed.
  • Have no contact. When a girl breaks up with a guy she expects the guy to come after her – to want her back immediately. When you go back to her, and beg her to take you back you actually reinforce her decision to break up with you – that she is wanted and appreciated. If after breaking up you make no contact with her, and simply accept her decision (at least that is what she will be thinking) the she is going to immediately second guess her decision – which will place you back in a position of power.
  • Stay away from other women. Sometimes it sounds like a good idea to start dating right away to make your ex girlfriend jealous, and think it’ll make her want you even more, but it’s not. While this can work, it is not recommended.
  • Once you get her back remember not to fall back into the same routine. It will only result the same as it did the first time. Always make sure she feels you appreciate everything she does. Always remember what happened and how difficult it was to get your ex girlfriend back, don’t waste all that work.

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